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DIGITAL PAINTING COMIC ART IN PHOTOSHOP This tutorial explains how to prepare comic art, created with pencil and ink on paper, for digital painting using Adobe Photoshop NOTE: While there are many ways of reaching the final goal of creating digital art, this tutorial is provided for those who are not totally familiar with Adobe […]

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Figure Drawing

Figure Drawing Tutorial

How to Improve Your Figure Drawing Step by Step – Video Course In this 3 ½ hour figure drawing tutorial video you will learn: Figure Drawing Gesture Drawing Female Figure Drawing Male Figure Drawing Quickposes Click here to begin the course. Figure Drawing Reference Gallery: This tutorial is a basic approach to Figure Drawing for […]

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How to draw banner


Learning how to draw can be one of the most rewarding and fun activities a person can undertake. This guide is provided for those who wish to learn how to draw as well as those looking to improve their drawing skills. How do you get good at drawing? I’ve asked this question to every artist […]

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