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Art Investors’ Guide is an online resource for Investors, Collectors and Artists to learn more about their art, industry trends and find services available for their investment needs. The Art Investors Guide has a growing database of trained Art Experts, Consultants and Research Analysts experienced in helping individual investors and businesses make wise decisions when […]

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Selling comic books online for fun and profit is simple with this easy to follow guide designed to help comic book collectors and comic book sellers. The first step in becoming a proprietor of Comic Books is to find great deals on new and old comics. Obviously there are many methods to build your inventory but the […]

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COMIC ART APPRAISAL GUIDE Art collectors, Investors and artists interested in obtaining an appraisal for their collections have several options available to help discover the potential market value of their art. Whether it’s a collection of works or single piece, if you wish to sell or simply estimate how well your investment is maturing, there are […]

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Art Appraisal: What should I get with an appraisal? Click here for more about art appraisals. Art Commissions: Submit your idea for commission. Click here for more about art commissions. Selling Art: How can I sell my art? Click here for more about selling art. Art Auctions Click here for more about art auctions. Research: […]

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Art Terms

Abstract Art Artistic content depends on internal form rather than pictorial representation. Abstract Art can be a representation having no reference to concrete objects or specific examples. Pablo Picasso is known for his abstract art creations. Accents Artwork that has a distinctive feature or quality, such as a feature that accentuates, contrasts with, or complements […]

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Comic Book Art continues to attract collectors and investors alike. The allure of the comic book has long been a driving force in the thriving world of comic art investing. Comic books aren’t just for kids. A growing number of people continue to invest a significant amount of time and money into collecting comic books […]

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Rare Comics

Looking for rare comic books or hard-to-find original comic book art to add to your collection? If you have exhausted every option in search of that one piece of original comic art or the last comic book to add to your collection, or you lost a particular issue and want to get a replacement then […]

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Selling Comic Art

There are many online venues available to artists and collectors of comic art through which to sell your collection. Ebay Shopify ComicArtFans Artists and collectors interested in selling your art or increasing exposure to your artwork may be eligible to showcase your artwork on Comic Art Depot. To be considered for listing on Comic Art […]

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