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Interested in listing your original comic book art at Comic Art Depot?

If you or someone you know has worked in the comic book industry as an illustrator or inker, or you’re a collector of original comic book art that you want to sell, we invite you to contact us.

Comic Art Depot is an online gallery dedicated to showcasing comic book art, sci-fi and fantasy art and other media related to comic books. Comic Art Depot has strong placement in search engines, and a growing list of email and social media subscribers to help drive new viewers to your collection, allowing your artwork to get a decent amount of exposure.

If you’re an artist or collector looking to increase exposure for your artwork:

  1. Complete the Comic Art Submission form below.
  2. Artists should include Publishers and Comic Book Titles you’ve worked on.
  3. We accept creator owned works as well as private collections.
  4. Please submit a link to your artist’s portfolio.

Ideally we’re interested in penciled or inked versions of original comic book art, on 11×17 poster board.

Your submission has the potential to open up new doors in the comic industry.

Submit your artwork if you’d like it to be considered for inclusion in the gallery.

Remember to include your contact info and link to samples of your work.

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