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Comic Book Artists

Featured Artists:

Jim Lee

Jim LeeComicBookDB

Lee Bermejo

Lee BermejoComicBookDB

David Finch

David FinchComicBookDB

Jason Fabok

Jason FabokComicBookDB

Clay Mann

Clay MannComicBookDB

David Mack


Ashley Wood


Alex Ross

Alex RossComicBookDB

Liam Sharp

Liam SharpComicBookDB

Gabriele Dell’Otto

Gabriele Dell’OttoComicBookDB

John Romita Jr.

John Romita Jr.ComicBookDB

Simon Bisley

Simon BisleyComicBookDB

Greg Capullo

Greg CapulloComicBookDB

Jock – Mark Simpson


Chris Scalf

Chris ScalfComicBookDB

Robert Marzullo

Robert Marzullo – RAM Studios Comics

Comic Book Artists Wanted:

Interested in listing your original comic book art at Comic Art Depot? If you or someone you know has worked in the comic book industry as an illustrator or inker, or you own a collection of original comic art that you want to sell, we invite you to contact us.

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Allen Im

Comic Book Titles: Alpha Flight

Brian Denham

Comic Book Titles: Alpha Flight

Chris Carlson

Comic Book Titles: Alpha Flight | Avengelyne:Armageddon | Wildstorm | Wildcats Spawn | Cable | X-MEN | Union

Chuck G. ‘zero’

Comic Book Titles: Templar Knights

Roger Cruz

Comic Book Titles: Alpha Flight

Jason Johnson

Comic Book Titles: Wildstorm

Michael Lopez

Comic Book Titles: Wildstorm

Norm Rapmond

Comic Book Titles: Avengelyne:Armageddon

Sal Regla

Comic Book Titles: Wildcats Spawn | OVERSTREETS | Stormwatch | Union

Scott Clark

Comic Book Titles: Alpha Flight | Wetworks Comic | Avengelyne:Armageddon | Wildcats Spawn | Wildstorm | Cable | Stormwatch | X-MEN | OVERSTREETS | Union

Tim Bradstreet

Comic Book Titles: Wildstorm Swimsuit Special

Trevor Scott

Comic Book Titles: Stormwatch