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News, commentary, community resources and much more. The comic site you have to visit. Comic Book Resources

Comic Book Bin
The Comic Book Bin is a place to shop, but like all good book stores, one can read material and take one’s time. The folks who write the reviews and the articles deserve the credits. It’s their work that makes this place so great.

Comic Book Grading

Philyman Comics
Philyman Comics deals in new, silver, and bronze age comics. I grade very strict and have been doing so since 1987 Books are very securely packaged, just like I would like them if they were being shipped to me I use cardboard, peanuts, newspaper, bubble padded mailers for packing.

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Please visit our Comic Book Publishers page

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The Comic Book Community on Google+
Read Comics, Make Comics, Love Comics… You’re In! This is a community for comic book fans, readers and creators. Let’s talk comics! BEFORE POSTING: Ask yourself, “Does this encourage discussion within the community?” If not, it’s probably spam.

Comic Books Reddit Forum
A reddit for fans of comic books, graphic novels, and digital comics.

Comic Book Collecting Facebook Group

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Convention Scene
A continuously updated convention calendar showing all North American comic conventions

Previews World Convention Calendar

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